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Search engine optimization forms an integral part of the website design process.  At an initial level, SEO friendly site will enable the users to use the search engine to navigate and read pages across the site. The search engine uses a web crawler to easily understand the content which forms the first step.  It will help to ensure visibility in the search engine page results. LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix describes the various technologies used for building the websites.

Proper planning and structure are essential for the purpose of building SEO friendly website which represents the business and services provided by the owner. It might appear difficult for many businesses. A proper digital marketing plan with a clear value proposition and business model is essential to building a website which is basically a marketing tool.

Basics: There are certain vital elements that are essential for the website design process. LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix will guide the website owners for building SEO friendly website.  Domains used by the owners must make sense and relate to the business. It is important to make sure that all the variations and subdomains accurately meet at the main domain and redirect to the single version of the site. It is most important.

Content management system:  The success rate of the business will have a big impact on the choice made for the content management system. Word press is the best option at the basic level. It is not the best choice for all the situations and business. Word press acts as the great starting point for most of the businesses. It is essential to make sure that the content management system chooses is the right solution for the business. In a similar way, hosting must be fast and platform specific and should follow certain rules.

During the process of the first step, the search engine tries to understand what is actually done.  Indexation process enables to read the contents of the page to decipher the website. The main content of the site must be text-based instead of images. Usage of videos and flash must be avoided and only text base must be used even in advanced technologies. Videos, images, content and PDF are the important source of search engine traffic.

Internal links are important to index the content beyond the home page. The internal links will enable the search engine to crawl. The indication of the content is not only done within the site it exists. The position of the site will also indicate the content.  Navigation forms a major part of the structure website. Navigation functions with the URL and structure and other elements. Navigation acts as the additional tool to raise awareness among the users.