Martial arts are mainly used for personal defense across the world. There are lots of varieties in martial arts. Karate, Kung fu are the popular form of the martial arts practiced across the world. There are other varieties which are not famous as these two but taught in different countries mainly in china and other Asian countries. Foot Kicks UK is part of the martial art where the people use their feet to attack the opponent. But there is lot of differences how the feet is used to attack. The style in which you attack the opponent basically varies from one coach to other coach and also different in each of the martial arts.

One must first gauge the range in which the opponent is standing. If they are not far then you can use the foot. Also one has to be quick on his feet otherwise opponent can easily catch the feet and make you fall and gain upper ground in the fight. Foot is used when the target area is specific and it is precise. It is easier to strike particular bone of the rib with the foot where as if you use shin it can cause multiple injury in the rib. But one should start using the foot only after lot of practice. Foot is very tender and can get hurt if not used after proper conditioning. One has to be careful while using the foot so that they don’t get hurt themselves in the process. If not used carefully a person can have broken foot because foot consists of several small bones which if not conditioned properly may get broken easily on the impact with hard floors or materials.  One can extract more power while using the foot when compared to using shins to attack and can knock anyone down easily. As you get practiced over the time you know subtle difference in different kick styles using the foot.  You will learn when to use the foot and when to use the shin to attack. But in the beginning, it’s better to use the shin to attack.


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