The sun over the festival grounds grills you like a fried chicken. Your tent has a felt temperature like after a sauna infusion.


Unfortunately, your beer has almost reached the boiling point. So that you do not get into this situation, you now get a few tips to cool your beer even without a refrigerator to a pleasant drinking temperature, or to keep it at a good drinking temperature.


Cooling your beer, at festivals or camping in general, so in the most adverse circumstances (without fridge and electricity) is an extremely helpful knowledge that you would like to know. Let’s go.

In the ideal case, your beer was already pre-cooled. Then it can be kept cool for a long time with stubby holders. Otherwise you can follow the below tricks.


Use the beer to cool your surroundings

Probably the simplest way of cooling is to dig a sufficiently deep hole and build a ground refrigerator. If you have enough space to take a folding spade, that’s a good solution.

Salt, ice and a big container

Should you somehow get on ice (every tank or discount store has nowadays Crushed Ice). Then you won the jackpot. Put your beer in cold water. A bucket or at best a paddling pool should be sufficient for this purpose. Add the ice (the more the better). Now add the salt. This method ensures a fast and intense beer cooling.

The power of evaporation – the festival sock

Take a towel or T-sirt, wet it and wrap it around the beer. Put it in the blazing sun. Yes heard right, in the blazing sun. By evaporating the water, cooling your beer will cool down to a pleasant drinking temperature.

Cool beer with running water or in waters

If you are at a festival that takes place on a river, lake or the sea, you can use the water to cool your drinks.

This tip goes without saying. That’s why you can use one of the handy gadgets to cool beer in the water.

A cooler or cooler

So you can keep the temperature for a long time. In the ideal case, your beer was already pre-cooled, or you fill the cool box with cold packs or with ice. Moreover , you can buy highly recommended stubby holder.


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