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Long blind are recommended in the high chambers, especially in the living room. They have a sleek, bright appearance and instantly transform the atmosphere of a room. Instead, it’s harder to maintain than shorter blind. They need accessories to keep them arranged, such as rings or tassels.

Short blind are recommended for kitchens instead. It is not, however, a strict rule, so short blind are accepted in the bedroom, for example. If you are confronted with a very small space, the short blind could be your saving because they allow you to furnish the room at the window maybe with a bedside or a desk. The good wooden venetian blinds are essential now.

How can you grab the curtain and drapery and what accessories do you need

There are many curtain fastener systems and at first sight it may seem difficult to choose the most effective. There are, for example, aluminum rails, metal galleries, wooden galleries, electrical systems, and so on. But if you understand exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of each are, it becomes much simpler.

  • The aluminum track is suitable for minimalist style and lightweight, lightweight materials.
  • Metal galleries are a more elegant form of metal rails and are also easy to fit and fit for modern styles.
  • Wooden galleries are more demanding, a classic, elegant brand. They can also support materials such as velvet and accessories.
  • Electrical systems are for the most comfortable of us, being easily accessed by remote control or other technologies.

So depending on the room, decor, furniture and personal tastes, the variants are the most diverse. All we have to do is look at some basic principles in home design and we assure you that your blind will be perfectly subordinate to the whole decor.

Outpatient treatment Up

Frequently parents are asked to follow their newborns to detect the signs of jaundice. Most mothers and their newborn babies leave the hospital within the first 48 hours of childbirth before the jaundice is observed. The newborn should then be examined by the family doctor for the first 4-5 days after birth. The good at home jaundice treatment is essential.

When the child becomes jaundiced but does not require phototherapy, parents will be asked by the doctor to follow the newborn carefully to see the increase in jaundice intensity or behavioral changes.


To observe the color changes of the skin color, parents are asked to:

Describe the baby completely and carefully observe his skin twice a day. For children of the black race, it is recommended to observe changes in the sclera; parents should keep in mind that the baby’s skin cools quickly and should be wrapped in a blanket after a minute